Eisenhower Class of 1974
Yakima, WA
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So, my family moved to Yakima in 1957 because my dad had gotten a job a Yakima's new high school. We moved from Moscow, Idaho where my mom and Les Heimgartner's mom were best friends...if I remember the story correctly...little help Les. My dad taught biology and other sciences. Eisenhower held classes in the building in Catie's photo and at what would become Wilson middle school. I believe I'm the only one in our class who had a parent on staff at Eisenhower from the beginning, maybe Eric Hanson. My dad then became the boys counselor, Mr. Bongers took his place, then Vice Principal and in 1978 he became principal at Franklin, from where he retired. I have great memories of Eisenhower from my childhood. Traveling to away football games from the time I was about 6. I got to travel back with the team from Wenatchee when Brad Gilmore broke his arm during a game and had to ride back with my dad in the back of our station wagon. I think I was in jr. high then. Post game meal, hangin' with Mr. Frazier and the team...it was great. When my dad would go in on Sundays to plan lessons my brother and I would spend hours, (probably 15 minutes) watching the stuff in the fish tank. Especially the little toys people put in. I remember going into the gym for the first time when I was about 3 and wondering if there was a bigger building in the whole world? My dad passed away a few years ago, and I know we were one of his favorite classes, he used to talk about people in our class. He would be proud of where we are today.
Written by Jeff Nicholas  August 3, 2014