Eisenhower Class of 1974
Yakima, WA
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Missing Classmates
We want to include every member of our class in our reunion...
Whether you can make it to our event or just want to stay in touch...we'd love to hear from you!
Can you help us find someone?
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Allen, Kim
Andring, Clinton
Antles, Ken
Baker, Rosemary
Barbour Wilson, Marta
Barbour, Greg
Baugher, Sandi
Bennett, Debbie
Berkley, Bennie
Bixler, Paulette
Blair Wong, Annette
Brandeen Richardson, Debbie
Bryant, Craig
Christianson, Dennis L
Coleman, Steve
Cope, Leslie R
Cornelius, Cathy
Crabtree, Marilee
Cruz, Ron L.
Derby, Don
Duea, Vicki
Dunn, Robert
Eberhard, Christina
Evans, Rhonda
Evans, Shirley
Fornof, Patricia
Forsling, Kim
Francisco, Charlotte
Gochner, Goldie
Graves, Kristie
Gray, Dennis
Guthrie, Sandra
Hagen, Karen
Hammer, Karen
Hart, Pat
Hoisington Showman, Mary
Hunt, David
Jarms, Steve
Johnson, Greg
Kane, Valerie (Candy)
Kangas, Christie
Kryger, Gerald

LaCaille, Gerald
LeMaster, Karen
Lieb, Teri
Markland, Karl
Marsh, Julie
Masterman, Mary
Mather Nally, Mary
McCarthy, Brad
McClurken, Dennis
Miller, Mark
Miller, Randy
Morgan, Scott
Morrison, Rhonda
Mclurken, Dennis
Neifert, Fred
Nelson, Bob
Nelson, Deanna
Olson, Mike
Reese, Jennie
Reynolds, Janet
Roby Tienan, Theresa
Rogers Voline, Mary
Rogers, Susan
Russell, Deborah
Salinas, Margaret
Satterland, Mike
Schneider, Kim
Scott McDaniels, Susan
Smith, Craig
Spearman, John
Stephens, Evan
Stevens, Sandy
Wall, Cathi
Walters, Peggy
Webley Robinson, Julie
White, Kerrie Jan
White, Mike
Williams, Art
Wisemore, Kathy
Worley, Julie
Wright, Mike
Wright, Will
List of people that we haven't located as of 7/20/14