Eisenhower Class of 1974
Yakima, WA
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Name:Caldwell, Phil
Lives in:University Place, WA
How Long:February 2014
(newlywed! Yay, Phil!!!)
How many Children:3
Occupation:High end custom
cabinet salesman for Baywood Cabinet of Kent, Wa;
Soccer coach 12 years, assistant High School golf
coach (KingsHS) 8 years.
Other Info:Previously married for 25 years,
One daughter (Kristin) interned at Georgetown University in WaDC this past year, Son (John) is a senior at the University of Washington, Youngest daughter (Annie) was Summa cum lade at Kings High School with a 4.0, and is now a freshman at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland.  

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Name: Hoffman, Rod
Lives In: Yarrow Point, WA
Married: Yes
How many years?: 7
How many children? 2
Grandchildren? 4
Occupation: I have been in the
computer networking industry since
1976, currently in a Strategic Alliances
role managing the business and
technology partnership between my
company, Citrix, and Cisco Systems, Inc.

Name: McAbee, Douglas
Lives in: Mission Viejo, CA
Married? Yes
How many years? 30 yrs
Number of children? 2
Number of grandchildren? 0
Occupation: Professor of
biochemistry (17+ years) in the
Dept Chemistry & Biochemistry,
California State University
Long Beach.

Name: Pryor, Jeffery Dale
Lives in:Richland, WA
Married? Yes
How many years? 28
Number of children? 3
Number of grandchlidren? 0
Occupation: I'm a financial analyst
and Deputy Treasurer for Benton PUD. 
Been here for 14 years
Other info: My oldest son Jeffery, who's
been pursuing his rock and roll dreams in
Portland, started at Portland Community College last year and decided he wants to be a Civil Engineer.  Number 2 son, Erik,  is an Electrical Engineer working for Jefferson County PUD in Port Townsend WA and our daughter Lindsey is graduating in June from Western with a degree in geology.

Name: Corpron Smith, Cathy (Catie)
Lives in: Brier, WA
Married? Yes
How many years: 38
Number of children: 2
Number of grandchildren: 2 (soon to
be 3!)
Occupation: CEO of Brier Creek Gardens.
I own & run a busy Design & Landscape
firm in the Seattle area. We specialized
in container design, organic landscape philosophies, and being a horticulturally savvy landscape firm. Yes...the summers picking cherries in Yakima left a BIG imprint on me. I was also a City Council member for two terms (8 years) in the City of Brier.
Other info: I have been married to love of my life, Kim, for 38 years. When we have a day off we spend most of our time in our own garden and enjoying our adult children and grandbabies. Hard to believe that we are in the 'grandparent' chapter of our lives but we love it!
Name: Mundt, Welch, Debbie
Lives in: Csban, Guatemala
Married? yes
How many years? 33
Number of children? 2
Number of grandchildren? 0
Occupation: I am a mission
co-worker for the Presbyterian
Church(USA). For the last year
my husband, Richard, and I have
been serving as Educational Consultants for the Indigenous Peoples of Guatemala. Before this dramatic career change, Richard was an IT Manager and I a church administrator in Spokane, Washington.

Other Info: We have two grown sons and a lovely daughter-in-law still living on our 40 acres in Deer Park, Washington.

Name: Thomas, James
Lives in: Yakima
Married? Yes
How many years? 14
Number of children? 5
Number of grandchildren? 0
Occupation: I am the Quality
Assurance Coordinator at Community
Living in Yakima and Sunnyside. 
We support adults with Intellectual
Disabilities to live independent lives in the community.
Other Info: I volunteer at The Seasons Performance Hall in Yakima.  The Seasons is the premier music venue in Yakima.  If you haven't been to a show there yet you really need to check it out.
I am also involved in a new advocacy group just formed in Yakima, Yakima Bikes and Walks.  We are working to make Yakima a more liveable community for all by promoting bicycling, walking, public transit and the Complete Streets philosophy.

Name: Hardman, McEuen, Glenda
Lives in: Paragould AR
Married?: Yes
How many years? 35 years
Number of children?: 3
Number of grandchildren? First
one due in July
Occupation: Office manager for a
non-profit organization that works
with adults with disabilities.
Other Info: I have become involved in community theater musicals.  I crochet rag rugs.  Oldest son Michael is a systems engineer in Houston.  Daughter, Kristin has been in China for 2 years teaching English and will come back to go to grad school in bioinformatics this fall.  Youngest son Matthew, is married to Christine and expecting our first grandchild, a daughter, in July.  He recently graduated with a social work degree.   

Name:Barquist, Mack, Beth
Lives in: Battle Ground, WA
Are you married? Yes
How many years? Almost 27
Number of children? 1
Number of grandchildren? 2
Occupation: I am in Marketing
and have worked at Hewlett-Packard
for almost 19 years (with a layoff after
17 and then back as a contractor)
Other Info: I love to travel. We have been to Thailand, Denmark, Sweden and Norway, cruised up the Alaskan inside passage, visited Yellowstone, took a cruise through the Panama Canal. We hosted an exchange student from Thailand for her junior school year. It was great learning about other cultures.
Hobbies? I am a jogger, jazzerciser, bicycler, in a book club, and enjoy wine tasting. I tag along with my husband on his motorcycle sometimes. Mostly I enjoy my two grandchildren, ages 1 1/2 and 2 1/2. They teach me a lot!

Name: Doug Heinen
Lives in: Federal Way, WA
Are you married?: Yes, I am married.
How many years?: 30 years as of
July 14, 1984
Number of children: I have 3 boys -
26, 23, 21
Number of grandchildren: Not yet.....
Occupation: I have been in industrial
sales for more than 25 years.
Pneumatics, hydraulics, electronics,
and bearings.
Other info: Motorcycling, scuba diving, flying, and playing pool.

Name: Breshears, Hagen Linda
Lives in: Selah 50% of the time,
Black Diamond 50% of the time
Are you married? Yes
How many years? almost 38 years
Number of children: 2
Number of grandchlidren: 2
Occupation: My husband and I have an
insurance agency.  Our specialty is health
insurance.  We have clients all over the state.  
Other Info: We love boating, especially the
San Juans and Canadian Gulf Islands.  We have done quite a few trips up into that area.  Our son lives in Portland and is an adjuster for Servicemaster.  Our daughter lives in Black Diamond and is a web developer for World Vision.  And she is the Mother of our 2 Granddaughters.

Name: Lisle Wade, Karen
Lives in:E Wenatchee
Are you married? Yes
How many years? 28
Number of children? 3 daughters
Number of grandchlidren? 0
Occupation: After high school I finished
college, worked for Nordstrom as a
manager, flight attendant for United. 
Laid off from the airlines I took a job in
Wenatchee. Married and raised a family there. We have apples and cherries and started a winery in 2000 which I do the books and marketing for.

Other Info: We have 3 daughters in college and just out of grad school.  I still snow ski, water ski, and ride horses.  I'm looking forward to the reunion.

Name: Prediletto,Tom
Lives in: Yakima
Are you married? Yes
Married How many years? 9 1/2
Number of children? one step daughter
Number of grandchildren? 3
Occupation: I work for Gray and Osborne, 
a consulting engineering firm as a land
surveying technician for the last thirteen
plus years.

Other info: I like motorcycling, golf, and my wife
Patty and I enjoy traveling. We will be celebrating
our 10th anniversary next march on the big island of Hawaii.

Name:Roby-Ray, Renea
Lives in: Greensboro, NC
Are you married? Yes
Married How many years? 10 yr in July
Number of children? 1 daughter
Number of grandchlidren? 2 grand dogs...
Occupation: Been a nurse since 1976! 
Working at a growing home health agency.
Memories: Putting plastic wrap on the
teacher's toilets, stuffing Mr Loewe's car
with paper,lunches at Artic Circle, or the Ring-a-Ding or a Texas doughnut from Albertson's, freezing to death at Football games with that bottle of MD 20/20 in the bathroom stall, and the Rock and Mineral club cheers - Nuts and bolts, nuts and bolts, we got screwed!!!

Name: Shryack Liedtke Cathy
Lives In: Yakima
Are you married? Yes
For how long? 36 years
Number of children? 3 one daughter
and twin boys
Number of grandchildren? 4
Occupation: I worked retail for 30 years
and I am now retired.

Name: Church, Miles, Cherri
Lives in? Salem, Oregon
Are you married?  Yes
For how long?  35 years
Number of children?  2
Number of grandchlidren?  0
Occupation: Office Manager for
the Willamette University College of
Law Library for the past 17 years. Before
that Office Manager for several small construction
Other: After leaving IKE I moved to Seattle where I met
my husband Greg on a blind date in 1977. We have been
married since 1979, leaving Seattle for Portland and then
for Salem 28 years ago.  We have a 30 year old married
daughter who works in HR at a Portland hosptial, and a
28 year old son who is a pilot in the Air Force and who
is about to go on his 5th deployment. 
Grandchildren are still in our future hopefully.   I became an OSU Beaver by marriage and enjoy going to good-weather football games in Corvallis and cheering on the baseball team.   Looking forward to an early retirement in a couple of years to be able to travel with my husband, volunteer at church, manage the health care of my elderly parents, and babysit those Oh-so-hoped-for grandchildren!  
Favorite IKE Memories: Football game half-time shows and having Stan Gill as my Biology lab partner so I didn't have to touch the "patients". 

Name: Johnston J.L.
Lives in: Frisco, Tx.
Are you married? Yes
How many years? 15 blissful years
Number of children? 3 sons
Number of grandchildren? None that
I'm aware of yet.
Occupation:  After a few lean years of
flying in Alaska and commuter airlines in
the Midwest,  American Airlines hired me. Long story short, been there 29 years and am now flying 777's to London, Frankfurt, Madrid, Paris, Tokyo and Hong Kong. I will train on the 787 later this year. Hard telling just where that's going to go.
Favorite IKE memories:  Ike '74 girls were so pretty and smart, most of the R and M'ers had to go to West Valley to get a date. Young Life was a great experience...Malibu. Clayton Frazer advised me not to be a "slob-eroony" numerous times.

Name: Brackett, Debra
Lives in:  Yakima
Are you married? No
Married How many years? 15
years-divorced in 2005
Number of children? 0
Number of grandchildren? 0
Occupation: After graduating from U of W,
I worked in medical laboratories. After
returning to Yakima I pursed a career in
nursing and recieived degree from WSU.  I work with geratrics
Other info:  Unfortunately I had to give up tennis (bad knees) and now I am trying to be a golfer!!  The best trip I took was to Turkey.

Name: Cassidy Griffin, Myra
Lives in: Lakewood, WA
Are you married? Yes
Married How many years? 34 years
Number of children? 2
Number of grandchlidren? 1
Occupation: I am Mental Health
ARNP,  I have been an RN for over
36 years after graduating from PLU
with my Bachelors in Science.  I then
obtained my Masters in Nursing from University of Washington in 1982.  After working as Nurse Practitioner for the state for 30 years I recently was selected to serve as the Director of the school of Nursing at Clover Park Technical College which has over 200 students at any given time.
Other: My grandson is my favorite pastime. I could not be more proud of my children and their spouses.

Name: Hinson Keevil, Terri
Lives in: Yakima, WA
Are you married? Yes
Married How many years? 29
Number of children? 3
Number of grandchlidren? 4
Occupation: Technical Buyer for
Pexco LLC-Yakima
Other: Back in Yakima after 20
years in Missouri and Wisconsin. 
Attended University of Wisconsin after YVC.  My
hobbies are shooting trap, skeet, sporting clays and
SASS cowboy shooting.  I love spending time with my grandchildren and great grandchildren. 

Name: Lapp Edgers, Nancy
Lives in: Kirkland, WA
Are you married? Yes
Married How many years? 35
years in July
Number of children? 1
Number of grandchlidren? 0
Occupation: I have built my career as
an independent visual merchandising
representative for various companies
over the years. I currently represent Denby China, Guess
Handbags, and Kenneth Cole Watch division for the
Northwest and Vancouver Canada. I am so happy to love
what I do! I graduated from WSU in Textiles and
Design/Fashion Merchandising and have represented
these three companies for the past 15 years and love
what I do!
Other: I am going on 35 years of marriage to such a
wonderful guy! We have one son who is 28 and is a
professional Snowboarder in the winter and works on a fishing boat up in Alaska in the summers.  We spend lots of summer weekends on Fox Island at my husbands family property, where we boat during the summer months as much as can.  We love to travel, and have a huge list of places we would love to see, but with both  of our work travels we have not attacked that list yet.
I love to garden and spend many weekends out attacking all that I have planted over they years.
My parents are 92, and my mother still lives at my home that I grew up in. My father recently was placed in a home as he has dementia. I have been over there a lot in the past year helping my mother. She still drives!
I enjoy summer time in Yakima and get out and walk in warm evenings! I miss that sunshine!

Name: Eglin, Tom
Lives in: Yakima
Are you married? Yes
Married how many years: 27
Number opf children? 2
Number of grandchildren? 0
Occupation: Work as an ER Doc. 
Originally worked 10 years in downtown
Atlanta and moved back to Yakima in 92 and I have been working in the same place since then.
Recently started teaching at PNWU (the new medical school in Yakima) and enjoy it a great deal.
Other info: Enjoy skiing, biking, hiking and rock climbing.  Have taken up rock climbing and some mountaineering in the past few years.  Volunteer with Search and Rescue and Mountain Rescue. 

Name: Seiffert, Sue
Lives in: Coos Bay, OR
Are you married?  no
Occupation:  I am an ordained
minister in the Evangelical Lutheran
Church in America.  I have specialized
training as an intentional interim pastor. 
I work with churches in transition, often
dealing with conflict or trauma.
Other: My profession means that I'm
never anywhere very long.  I've moved
twenty-seven times in the last twenty-five years.  I've lived in Washington, Minnesota, South Dakota, North Dakota, and now Oregon.

Name: Bond, Cora
Occupation: After a music degree
in vocal performance at Boston
University, a masters at Fuller
Seminary, and a post-grad certificate
in medical family therapy, I'm currently
a marriage and family therapy extern
at Samaritan Centers of Puget Sound
in the Bellevue office of their low income
clinic. I've also done recruiting at an
international consulting firm and been a worship leader and vocal soloist.
Other: Due to professional considerations, I'm sticking to publicly available information. I look forward to chatting and hearing your stories!  Email me, call me, FB message me, or come talk to me at the reunion, and I'll share more of mine!

Name: Swift, Randy
Lives In: Selah, WA
Are you married? Yes
Married How many years? 27
Number of children? 2
Number of grandchildren? 0
Occupation: I am an Electrician
out at Hanford for 33 years.
Other Info:
My wife and I have spent most
of our spare enjoying our kids.
Both kids will be seniors at WSU
this next year.

Name: Richardson Brown, Jill
Lives In: Redmond, WA
Are you married? No  Husband passed
Married How many years?20
Number of children? 0
Number of grandchlidren? 0
Occupation: I flew for Alaska Airlines and
was Captain for 25 years.  I retired in 2011
and I was the first female airline pilot at
Alaska that retired will full service of 30 years.  I was able to fly with my cousin Debbie Lindeman Waingrow (she is in our class too) who also flies for Alaska.  We were able to fly together for about 4 years flying mostly to Mexico.  My last few months of flying as well as my last trip was to Hawaii. It was a great career.  Flew Boeing 727, DC-9 (MD-83), and 737-400,700, 800, 900
I owned and operated the Equestrian Center of Cedar Downs located in Maple Valley, Washington for 20 years.  The center had 90 stalls on 16 acres.  The center offered boarding and training as well as horse shows of all types just about every weekend throughout the year.
Other Info: I now live in WA and AZ.  We follow the good weather.  I am now engaged to a fellow Alaska Pilot.  Still jumping horses, kayaking, air-chairing, boating. 
I was selected by The United Stated Equestrian Team to participate in the 1982 Show Jumping Training Session. Due to my work schedule I was unable to attend. It was definitely an honor to be asked.

Name: Gill, Stan
Lives in: Still in Yakima
Are you married? yas
Married How many years? 34
Number of children? 2
Number of grandchildren? 0
Occupation: I work in the sheet
metal trade as a detailer for the
Industrial Processing side, fancy
name for a food processing plants,
been working in Tri-cities for almost
30 years.
Other info: Co-Teaching Jr. Sr. Sunday
School, and doing a lot of woodworking.

Name: Gayken Tonkin, Mary
Lives in: Terreton, Idaho
Are you married? Married
Married How many years? 40 yrs
in November.
Number of children? 1 daughter
Number of grandchlidren? 0
Occupation: I have worked for Navel
Reactor Facility since 1987 Janitor,
secretary,File clerk, Laborer 15 years,
Painter for the last 11 years. 4 years to
retirement. :)
Other info: I have been traveling with my mom across Canada in 2009, Cruise through the Panama Canal in 2011, Cruise to the Amazon in 2012, Viking river cruise through Germany, Amsterdam to Budapest 2014. I like camping with family, Bike riding with my daughter, X-country skiing with my daughter.

Name: Heimgartner, Les
Lives in: Yakima, WA
Are you married? yes
Married How many years?12
Number of children? 1
Number of grandchildren? Not that
Occupation: Electrician, Estimator
& Project Management currently
working In the oilfields of North
Memories of high school: It was all a blur

Name: Siegmeth Reisbig, Sherry
Lives In: Spokane WA
Are you married? Yes
Married How many years? 23 years (April 1991)
Number of children? 4 (bio, steps, foster)
Number of grandchildren? Twins, Kylie & Colton,
Occupation: Mead School District
Other info: My work in one of Mead SD's elementary
buildings is just four minutes from my driveway and John,
following the sale of his Allstate Agency, now works his own
insurance business from home. We spend a lot of time
outdoors--boating or kayaking as often as possible in the
summer (Priest Lake is our favorite) and I snow ski in the
winter (although I'm beginning to spend a little more time
on snowshoes in the woods behind our house than I do
on the slopes. Our twin grandchildren live in Kansas so
we don't see them as often as we'd like, but we stay close
with them. Our youngest,
Raelynn, just joined the USAF
and has been accepted to Air
Traffic Control School. I recently
finished a six-year term as an
Elder on Whitworth Presbyterian
Church's Session, and I look
forward to some extra free time
that will now be available to me.
I love connecting with former
classmates and the best way to
do that is to get involved in
reunion planning!

Name: Warren, Patrick
Lives in: Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Are you married? Yes
Married how long?10 years
Number of children: 0
Number of grandchildren: 0
Occupation: Retired and loving it!
Other info: When I'm not golfing,
hiking, biking,
kayaking and napping (which I
think should be an
Olympic sport), I'm enjoying an
adult libation or 2. 
All this with my new "Styker 2000" artificial hip!
Ain't getting old just grand.

Name: Schmidt, May, Mary
Lives in: Yakima
Are you married? Yes
Married How long? 18 years
Number of children? 0  2 dogs, 3 cats
Number of grandchlidren? 0
Occupation: I've been working ever since leaving high
school. I'm in my 28th year, was Pinnell, now we are
QBSI, owned by Xerox Corp.
Other info: Been on two European tours, Puerto Vallarta
twice and Maui.  I love the Oregon coast. Enjoy
gardening, going to concerts and bingo.

Name: Webb, Street, Nancy
Lives in: Mill Creek, WA
Are you married? yes
Married How many years? 34
Number of children?  3, 2 living
Number of grandchlidren? 0
Occupation: Graduated from UW
with degree in Physical Therapy
and worked my way into my
dream job.  I work at Seattle
Children's Hospital as an infant
Physical Therapist with babies under
1 year of age. Have worked in Mbale,Uganda and
Chisinau, Moldova as a volunteer infant physical therapist, training staff in evaluation and treatment approaches.
We had 2 sons and a daughter. Our daughter was diagnosed with brain cancer at age 21 and died 3 years later. Now we are very involved with the planning committee for the Seattle Brain Cancer Walk,in her honor.Oldest son is a research/design engineer and youngest son is training as a pilot for the Air Force.
Other Info: Love to travel with my husband, but have also taken trips to France with my sisters. Recently spent a long weekend in Yakima with my 6 siblings, reminiscing and visiting childhood memories. We even found our way into the old IKE building! Bumped into Mr Bongers and had the chance to thank him for the Medical Careers class he taught at IKE. It is one of the reasons I have pursued my career in the health care.
Love to garden, kayak, and cross country ski. I have fond memories of drill team and Aunt Nellie Wagner.
Hoping to attend the reunion and catch up with high school friends.

Name: Prentice, Carol
Lives in: Juneau, Alaska
Are you married? Yes
Married how many years? 32
Number of children? Two -
Heather, 25 and Shane, 21
Number of grandchildren? 0
Occupation: I've had my own
consulting company for four
year doing project management,
strategic planning and
evaluation for health and
education agencies. I love the
autonomy and flexibility. Since moving to Juneau, AK
17 years ago, I've taught as adjunct faculty for the
of Alaska Southeast's Public Administration program, managed Alaska's early childhood professional development program for six years, and other public interest work that has helped me in establishing my own business.

Other Info: I love many things about living in Alaska, other than the politics. I see both mountains and ocean virtually every day which makes me happy. Winter brings x-country skiing and summer brings hiking and gardening. Fall and spring bring rain with the occasional blue-sky day that reminds us why we live here. About ten years ago I started dabbling in creative writing, taking some courses at the local university and wrote a monthly column for our local paper called, "Caught in the Middle" and a travel series, "French Lessons," about the six months our family lived in France. Writing makes me almost as happy as gardening. Looking forward to seeing everyone at the reunion.

Name: Patrick Warner, Connie
Lives in: Vancouver, WA
Are you married? yes
Married How many years? 35 years
Number of children? 3
Number of grandchlidren? 2 and
1 due in August
Occupation: I work 3 days a week
as a Pediatric Dietitian, empowering
families to learn about and practice
healthy eating habits. The best part
of my job is participating as a
member of a multidisciplinary team 
helping children with special needs.
Other Info: Tell us more (travel,
hobbies,a memory from high school
or anything that you want us to know)
I've lived in Yakima, Salem Or, Issaquah
and Vancouver. I accomplished one of
my dreams by obtaining my masters from University of Washington in 1993 (Go Dawgs). It was a great adventure raising the children, seeing them off to college and crying at their weddings. Now I enjoy traveling with my husband, talking long walks with our lab "Molly" and playing with our two grandchildren. I have been blessed with the opportunities to travel to Senegal West Africa on 3 short term missions with my church and World Vision.

Name: Dunham, Deborah (Stephens)
Lives in: Mt Vernon, Wa
Are you married? No
Number of children: 2 dogs
Number of Grandchildren: none
Occupation: I am a Radiologic Technologist
since 1980. Have worked in Mt Vernon with
a group of Orthopedic Surgeons since 1987.
Love my job!!!
Other info or favorite memories: Most memorable
experiences were Mr Bonger's trips. One to
King County Morgue, then to Guemes Island to
"live off the land". I did not care for sea food too
much back then.

Name: Boltz, Lewis, Janice
Lives in: Seattle
Are you married?  yes
Married How many years?  32
Number of children?  1
Number of grandchildren?  not yet
Occupation: Worked at Rainier
National Bank, Bank of America,
Fiduciary Services of Washington and
the Seattle School District for many
years in the capacity of Sr. Administrative
Assistant or Office Manager. Was
fortunate enough to be able to give up my job as other priorities came along.  I always meant to go back to work, but somehow never quite made it as I got very busy with other activities.
Other info: We've traveled a lot and always have a wish list of new places we'd like to visit.  We square dance and round dance and are very active in the dance community, including cruising with our dance groups.  (Nice to combine both of our favorite things!)  Randy works for the University of Washington and best of all likes the short commute.  Our son is an assistant manager for the Bank of America and has just finished classes in UI and UX and a bunch of other initials and is hoping to find a new job in the computer programming world.  Our daughter-in-law is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and works for a clinic in the U district (it will be good to have one in the family as we grow older!) I keep busy with family, church, our yard, volunteering at a Sr. Center, hobbies/crafts, walking, yoga, and dancing.  Who has time to work?

Name: Veteto, Button, Kim
Lives in: Forever in Yakima
Are you married? Yes!
How many years? Just celebrated
our 39th!
Number of Children? 5 sons:
Dave (almost 38), Ryan (36), Matt (33),
Jeff (30), & Nick (26)
Number of grandchildren? 16 awesome,
adorable grandkids! Grandsons are ahead
9 to 7.
Occupation: Attended YVC then assisted in an Oral
surgery office before Dave was born. I've taught Piano
Lessons for 28 years, have been a member of
WSMTA since 1987, volunteered at WV schools for
years and years, Organist at LDS church for 42 years,
lots of church work!
Other info: We've been blessed with 5 incredible
sons, 4 daughter-in-laws, and 16 grandchildren,
who keep us quite busy and on our toes! Most of our travel is to wherever
they are! Dave has his Bachelor's in IT & works at Memorial
hospital, Ryan has his Master's in Public Health & is a Captain in the AF - his family will be stationed in Germany for 3 yrs (so we get to go to Germany!), Matt has a Master's in Accounting & is in his last year of Law School in Boise, Jeff is a Chiropractor in Utah, and Nick is our special son born with Down Syndrome who will be with us forever so we will never have to experience Empty Nest syndrome! He has been a blessing to our family and to all who know him. He works at Entrust and has a mentor at TJMaxx (his favorite place to work) & RiteAid. He loves being an uncle, dancing, wrestling with his  brothers, and going to Red Robin!

Name: Schmidt-Lewis, Vincynthia
Lives in: Issaquah, WA
Are you married? Yes
How many years? 35
Number of children? 2
Number of grandchildren? 1
Occupation: Radiologic Technologist,
retired. Graduated from YVCC and
worked as a Radiologic
Technologist/Mammographer for
35 years. Taught mammography
courses at Bellevue Community College for 3 years.
Worked in Yakima, Sunnyside, the Tri-Cities, Spokane, San Diego
and Seattle.
Other Info: I look forward to my husband (who was a 1973
Ike graduate) retiring and being able to travel more.

Name: Cartier, Tyler
Lives in: Seattle, WA
Are you married? Yes
Married How many years? 32 years
Number of children? 2 (twins)
Number of grandchildren? 1 due in
Occupation: I have my own marketing
business. Starting to cut back a bit
and it feels great - kind of like the end
of finals week. The Space Needle is one of my accounts. I feel old when I tell them I remember going to the World's Fair in 1962. I can see the thought bubble "geezer" appear over their heads.
Other Info: One of our favorite things is to head out on road trips all over the country. Napa, Yellowstone, New England, Florida, Texas. We just take off with no itinerary and no deadlines. I bring my bike. And we always manage to find a winery or brewpub. A nice antidote to 30 years of rushing around...

Name: McGee, Scott
Lives in: Seattle, WA
Are you married? Yes
Married how many years? 35
Number of children? 2 girls, one
ecently married
Number of grandchildren? 0
Occupation: After leaving IKE I
graduated in pharmacy from WSU,
then joined Merck
(from which I recently retired after 35 years).
During my time with Merck I also earned my MBA from UC Berkeley, and moved around the country several times while holding a variety of sales and marketing positions. It's been a great ride, but time for a new adventure. Having raised our two girls (and being empty-nesters), Diane and I recently sold our place in Issaquah and bought a crappy little beach cottage in Seattle. For now (and while Diane continues her career as a CPA with Costco), it looks like I will spend my time (1) managing a major remodel of our little home, (2) working on my not-that-great golf swing, and (3) figuring out how we can most effectively give back to the community. This is the first reunion I have been able to attend, so I look forward to seeing everyone (and MANY THANKS to those of you who are putting this all together!)

Name: Johnson, Spanton Karen
Lives in: Othello, WA
Are you married? Yes
Married How many years? Almost five
Number of children? Two
Number of grandchlidren? Four
Occupation: I married my one and only high school
boyfriend, Russ Wheeler, 2 months after graduation. 
We had two daughters, now 36 and
33, and divorced after 8 years of marriage. 
I met my second husband in 1983 and
married again in 1987.  I had gone back
to business college and was working at
a Yakima law firm as a legal assistant. 
We moved to Vancouver, WA in 1990 and
I worked at two different law firms in
Portland and Vancouver.  We were married
almost 20 years when he passed.  At age
49 I finally got the braces I needed back in
high school.  It s definitely easier to have braces when you are young!  I decided to move back to Yakima to be near my family in 2007, again working as a legal assistant.  I met my current husband Ken on an on-line dating service.  We married 10 months after our first date!  We have been married almost five years.  We currently live in Othello, WA near the hospital where my husband works but also have a house in Yakima where we spend a lot of time.  Since we married I worked for a while at the Othello and Warden School Districts but now manage our rentals.  We will live in Yakima full time in about two years when my husband retires.  I still do a lot of sewing and quilting, and love gardening and home renovation/improvement projects.  We enjoy spending time with our grandchildren (4 of mine and 5 of Ken s) and traveling.  We have gone on some great trips, including a fishing trip to Sitka, Alaska last year.  My oldest daughter Sara is a massage therapist in Yakima and recently received her teaching degree from Central.  My youngest daughter Shannon, also in Yakima, is a stay-at-home mom to her three children and also is self-employed with a photography business (Love Photograph). 

Name: Hiebert-Accetta, Debra
Lives in: Columbia Gorge area
Are you married? Yes
Married how many years?  Been married 16 years
Number of children? 3
Number of grandchildren? 5
Occupation:  I have been enjoying three amazing adult(now) children, five beautiful granddaughters and building the home of my dreams on five acres in the woods. I currently write adult horror and love every minute of it! Sadly, I was looking at the school web site and saw my best friend and maid of honor at my wedding had passed away. Jan Lundgren :( if anyone has any info I would appreciate it. Jan and I lost contact back in the late 80s. I won't be able to join in the reunion,but my thoughts and well wishes to all classmates are sent! Take care all! Debra

Name: Lemke, Debbie
Lives in: Prosser, WA
Are you married? no
Married How many years?
Number of children? 0
Number of grandchildren?
Occupation: I have been a 1st
grade teacher for 31 years. I
never planned on teaching,
and certainly not 1st grade.
The scary part is that we seem
to be in sync with each other!
Other Info: I discovered skiing about 14 years ago, so I am at White Pass every Saturday during ski season. Also, I led a student travel group for 10 years. That allowed me to take  several trips to Europe, Australia and Japan. Since I am not doing that anymore, I travel anywhere I can whenever I get the chance.

Name: Parker, Anderson Pam
Where do you live? Mesa, AZ
Are you married? Yes
Married How many years? 32
Number of children? 2 sons
Number of grandchildren? 0
Occupation: After graduating from
college, I began working as a high
school business teacher.  I spent
33 years teaching in the Yelm, WA,
school district and recently retired. 
Now I am teaching high school again in the virtual environment.  This gives me the freedom to travel (as long as I have my laptop) . . . something my husband and I do as frequently as possible.  Since we both love the sun, we decided to move to Arizona permanently.  I never thought I would leave the beautiful state of Washington, but we love the different landscape of the desert.  It helps that our youngest son Tyler and his wife live down here, too. Our oldest, Brian, and his wife live in Chicago, so we visit the big city often!

Name: White, Terri
Lives in: Bellingham
Are you married? Close enough
Married How many years? Phil
and I started skiing together 13
years ago, hanging out ever since
Number of children? 2, a daughter
31 living in Portland and saving the
world using her environmental
training and a son, 28 back in
Bellingham, starting
his own business at the farmer's market
Number of grandchildren? wonderful steps, but no bios yet
Occupation: 30 years as a school counselor thank you to our illustrious Counselor Jim Connor for introducing me to the idea. It has been a rewarding job! Taking the next year off with the intention of retiring  ...So, looking forward to new adventures.
Other info: I have many fond memories of school and great people!

Name: Tegen, Wendy
Lives in: Fish Lake north of
Leavenworth, WA
Are you married? Yes
Married How many years? 8 years
Number of children? Daughter 31 & Son 29
Number of grandchildren? None
Occupation: Tell us about your job! I was a
stay at home Mom for years, but then got
in to Real Estate and did well, but got a
divorce & went to work in Produce sales. 
Currently unemployed but plan to go back
to work in administrative soon.
Other Info: My husband & I sold our home in Wenatchee and moved to our home at Fish Lake 2 yrs ago.  Love it here & we Ice Fish in the winter as the lake freezes...Life is Good!

Name:Baker, Orr, Kim
Lives in: Yakima
Are you married? Yes
Married How many years?  34
Number of children?  3
Number of grandchildren?  3
Occupation: I'm an RN for the past 37
years. I have been at Yakima Regional
Hospital for 30+ years. I have been
helping people capture their memories
in photo albums over the past 14 years
hosting a scrapbooking camp every year
(Creative Memories; now with Heritage Makers). I am also a Nerium Rep.
Other Info: I still have horses. My horse and I head for the forest as much as possible.  I currently have 4 horses in my barn. 
My husband and I have Harley motorcycles and enjoy fun road trips together.

Name:Harwood, Gandy, Chris
Lives in: American Fork, Utah
Are you married? Yes
Married How many years? 6 months
Number of children? 7 (1 adopted,
6 step)
Number of grandchildren? 9 (step)
Occupation: I've been in banking since
graduating. Various positions with US
Bank, Pioneer Bank (Yakima), Sterling
Bank (Spokane/Portland), Bank of American
Fork (American Fork, UT). Looking forward
to retirement someday!
Other Info: I'm living in American Fork, UT with my husband Max (class of '73). Max and I were highschool sweethearts and found each other again after 42 years apart. We were married on February 14 this year. Life is wonderful!! We enjoy spending time with family and granddogs, taking long drives (car or motorcycle) through the beautiful mountains around us. Thank you, reunion committee, for all the hard work putting this event together!

Name: Hovis, Karen
Lives In: Yakima
Are you married? No
Occupation: I graduated from
WSU and worked various places
as an accountant.  For 18 years I
worked at Educational Service District
105 troubleshooting accounting and
software issues for 39 school districts
SE Washington. I became the Data
Center Director for Yakima School District in April 2013.
Other Info: I have done a little traveling,including two mission trips to El Salvador.  I co-teach Middle School and High School Sunday School class with Stan Gill. I have always had Border Collie mixes and have enjoyed keeping active with them.

Name: Baker Monaghan, Rosemary
Lives in: Seaside, Oregon
Are you married? Yes
Married How many years? 32 years
Number of children? none
Number of grandchildren? none
Occupation: Rosemary Baker-Monaghan
Executive Director, Liberty Restoration Inc.
aka Liberty Theatre.
Bachelor of Science in Forest Management 1978 and Masters
in Adult and Continuing Education 1986 from Washington State
Summer jobs during high school began my interest in forestry,
working in Washington, Idaho and Montana. After college
graduation, I worked for the US Forest Service as a timber
appraiser in Trout Creek, Montana, and then for Crown
Zellerbach as the only/first woman on the forest engineering
crew in Sekiu, Washington. My husband Daniel F. Monaghan
is also a forester, an Oregon State University graduate with a
BS in Forest Management and a BA in Business Management.
We have been married since 1982 and moved to Seaside,
Oregon in 1987. Dan is currently a log buyer for Swanson
Group Inc.
Elected offices. I was elected to 12 years in city government - Mayor of Seaside from 1999-2003, Seaside City Councilor 1994-99, and Seaside City Planning Commissioner 1991-94. I was elected to the Clatsop Community College Board of Directors in 2000. I am currently the Board Chair in my fourth term in office.
Liberty Theatre. In 2000, I was asked to join Liberty Restoration Inc. s Board of Directors to help save and restore the historic Liberty Theatre in Astoria. After our grand reopening in 2005, I was hired as the Executive Director.  Like the Capitol Theater in Yakima, we were part of the vaudeville circuit, and are currently operating as a performing arts center, conference center, concert hall and community theatre. I also currently serve as co-chair of Lower Columbia Tourism Council, Treasurer of Clatsop Economic Development Resources, board member of the Lewis and Clark National Park Association, and a member of Astoria Rotary Club and Columbia Pacific Assistance League.  

Life has been an interesting and exciting ride since high school. I hope the same has been true for you and your family.

Name: Christman, Hutchings, Barbara
Lives in: Bermuda
Are you married? yes
Married How many years? 26
Number of children? 2 sons;  21 and 23
Number of grandchildren? 0
Occupation: Attended Scripps College in
California for two years and then
transferred to Claremont McKenna
College.  Went to NYC after graduation
and worked in
Corporate Finance at JP Morgan for 10
years.  Married Preston Hutchings in 1988, lived in San Francisco for four years and started a retail company.  Moved to Bermuda in 1993 and, along with raising two children, embarked on a long historical restoration of a 200 year old house. 
Other Info: Still love to snow ski!!  Also love to scuba dive, snorkel, swim, garden and take spinning and Pilates classes.  My husband travels the globe for business and I frequently go with him, which is lots of fun.  But, I still get back to Yakima at least once a year to see my Mom and brother.

Name: Ken Hempstead
Lives in:  Olympia, WA
Are you married?  Yes
Married How many years?  16
wonderful years
Number of children?  6
Number of grandchildren?  8
Occupation:Started out as
a deputy for Grays Harbor County;
went into retail sales and
management for 30 years. Now
I'm semi retired but running a construction company and limo service. I always wanted to drive a big-rig truck so now I drive truck for National Frozen Foods on a temporary basis and I'm loving life!
Other info: I've done a few fun things: I climbed Mt Rainier, I won a season championship as a race car driver at a local track;  I've been an avid motorcycle rider since before high school and rode to Sturgis several times. I mostly enjoy spending time with my family and a few good close friends.

Name: Carroll, Jamieson, Eileen
Lives in: Eugene, Oregon
Are you married? yes
Married How many years? 23 years
with my soulmate!
Number of children? 4
Number of grandchildren? 3
Occupation: I am a Speech-Language
Specialist working in the Bethel School
District for the past 27 years.
Other info: My husband is semi-retired and works for CASA.  We enjoy visiting our children in Portland, Houston, New York and hoping to get to Ireland again to visit our oldest granddaughter soon. I continue to work as a specialist in the schools and love my job.  Jim and I have traveled with the kids over the years to Europe and look forward to more travel after retirement.  We both are active working out, hiking, biking and I continue to run marathons.  I ran Boston last year and wasn't able to finish the last half mile due to the bombings.  This year I was able to go back, raise funds for the Boston One Fund and complete the marathon.  It was truly an amazing day that I will never forget! I won't be able to attend the reunion this year as family will be visiting us in Eugene.  I hope to be there for our 50th reunion!

Name: Rennie, John
Lives in: Yakima
Are you married? Nope...in a long term relationship
Married How many years?
Number of children? 2
Number of grandchildren? 0
Occupation: Have loved my work for the past 33
years as a Wealth Manager at Morgan Stanley.
I do not plan on retiring.
Other Info: Skiing is still my favorite sport and whether it's
working in the yard, workouts at the gym or hiking, it's all to stay in shape for skiing. Traveling, boating, flying, fishing, drinking wine with friends and family are all part of my life.

Name: Forsee, Bacon, Tamara
Lives In: Edmonds, WA
Are you married?  Yes
Married How many years?  Lucky Number 13 ;`)
Number of children?  4 Step-daughters
Number of grandchildren? Oh Please!
Occupation: Tell us about your job!  Spending
my husbands money.
Other info:  My husband, Bill, wanted to get
road bikes so he could spend more time with me.  Which he does.  At his clinic stitching up my face. 

Name: Mercy, Matthew:
Lives in: Bellingham WA
Are you married? Yes
Married How many years?31
Number of children? 2
Number of grandchildren? 0
Occupation: I've been
fortunate to be married to
Kitty, who is my partner in
life. We have raised two great
kids, Tatiana and Taylor.
Operated tugs and ships all around
the Pacific, and had lots of
adventures and fun. Now we
operate M & K
Enterprises, and are looking
forward to more adventures
and friends.

Name: Susan (Sondker)Ableidinger
Lives in: Auburn, WA
Are you married? yes
Married How many years? 34
Number of children? 2
Number of grandchildren? 0
Occupation: I am an RN. After
graduating from PLU, I worked in
ICU, medical/surgical hospital floors,
visiting nurse, and outpatient clinic.
The past 19 years I have worked for Northwest Kidney Centers at Renton Kidney Center, one of NKC's outpatient hemodialysis units.  Dialysis is the best fit for me and I particularly enjoy the longterm relationships with my patients.
Other Info: Memories from high school:  Being in the Lancers swing choir!  Also participating in the musicals "Music Man" and "The Most Happy Fella"

Tuesley, Pres
Lives in: Yakima
Are you married? Yes
Married How many years? 34
Number of children? 0
Number of grandchildren? 0
Occupation: Own and run the Yakima Bindery (with my sister, Cindy).  Fourth generation since 1904!
Other info: My wife and I like to travel, especially to warmer climates during Yakima winters.  I like to make stuff, I build neon T-shirts, I built a all-electric brewery in my garage (just did a 10-gallon batch of burbon-barrel porter). No kids, but we usually have a dog and a cat or two around the house.